Membership Application Interest Form:

We want you to know the following:

New Neighborhood and Affiliate Members are defined as new members. New members are anyone that was not a member last season or has let membership lapse one (1) year or more. Applications will be release in April (specific date to be determined annually) and all applicants membership applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis until the pool reaches capacity. Affiliate members are able to join after the first year as Associate members.

Sherwood Association (HOA) Members: Members who are apart of the HOA as defined by the pool rules will receive their application around the mid-February. This applies to all current members and new potential members.

Please also help us by doing these things when submitting an Interest Form:

  1. Please select the type of membership you are interested in: a single, couple, and/or family Swim Membership or a Court-side memberships.
  2. Please complete all components of the form to speed up the process of enrollment.
  3. Once your form is submitted, we must complete items on the back office side of the system before you can receive the actually membership application.
  4. You will receive an email from mailchimp with instructions after we have completed the back end process and once you are able to pay.

Thank you for your interest in Joining New Sherwood Pool and Tennis for the 2024 Swim Season!

Please email us at if you have additional questions.